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3 Reasons Why You Need a “Prescribed” Vacation

I know a lot of you are like me. Juggling family, a career, and maybe even trying to start your own business in your spare (what spare?) time. Sometimes we just go full-force for so long that we neglect self-care on a larger level. Maybe we are actually taking small breaks by meditating, or keeping our workout in check, and those other important things we need to do to stay focused but present. But sometimes you get to a point where you just need to completely step away from it all and just fully recharge. A prescribed vacation, unplugged from all work responsibilities is ย the most luxurious thing you can do for these reasons.

  1. Down time away from the same routine you have gotten used to can give you a fresh perspective.ย 
  2. Traveling to a new place brings you out of your comfort zone so you can come up with new ideas organically. I once read a book for an advertising class called A Technique for Producing Ideasย and the core of the technique was to think about your topic, in my case, my business, non-stop for period of time, like a day (me: all the time, lol!) and then stop and don’t think about it all and when you least expect it, a new idea will come to you. I didn’t intentionally do this, but being away and purposefully not responding email or constantly posting on Instagram gave me the needed opportunity to “not” think about work and let all my ideas marinade. Once I returned, I did have some new ideas to try.
  3. You will regain your peace.ย Right before I left I was so stressed out it was spilling into all areas of my life. Every little thing was triggering me and I knew I just needed to step back and find “my chill”. Your friends, family, and colleagues will thank you!

Big Sur

I took a week long vacation to Northern California and got to experience the wonder and beauty of Monterey Bay and great food in San Francisco. It was absolutely so needed. I only posted on IG a couple times, instead of my usual pace of posting daily, which for me was actually enjoyable. I did not respond to one email, I let my vacation auto-reply do its job and I didn’t write any blog posts. Yet I came up with the idea to open an Amazon Store, which I think is pretty cool. It is something I just didn’t consider before and it seems so obvious to me now! Perspective.

Amazon Store


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October 9, 2017
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