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5 Fashion Disasters Every Woman Can Avoid

Guest Post by Ilde Naismith-Beeley from Starlettos

Everyone wants to be fashionable and stylish, so if you want to be in vogue this year and experiment with the trends, you need to avoid becoming a fashion faux pas. We all want to stay on trend, right? Then find that bounce and hop in your step with these tips on how to avoid a fashion disaster.


Brand Names Don’t Make You Fashionable

If you’re purchasing a product to flaunt the fact that you can, you’re doing nothing for your personal style. So we dare you to unlabel yourself! That’s right, channel your creativity and find the confidence to defy convention by wearing the clothes that make you comfortable without plastering some brand name all over yourself.

Being fashionable means being yourself. Being you is the best thing you can do to make a statement with the clothes that you wear, and to have truly covetable style, it doesn’t matter which brands you wear – it’s all about the look and personal style you create.


Ditching Shoes When You’re Out

Don’t let fashion come second to comfort, and try not to be ‘that girl’ who spends her entire time at an event barefoot, heels in hand. Stylish shoes that are easy to wear but complement your outfit are all the rage.

You can still wear high heels, just be smart about it! The shape of your shoe can impact comfort, so a rounder toe box is more comfortable and better for your feet. Also, it’s strongly advised to stretch out your shoes, or buy half a size bigger, before planning to wear them for a special function – a little wiggle room can make all the difference.


Revealing Too Much

Warmer weather means less clothing, but let’s not overdo it (or in this case, under-do it!). One of the biggest mistakes women make is wearing tight clothes while showing cleavage and legs at the same time. Sexiness comes from within. If you feel good about yourself and what you’re wearing, it will reflect tenfold on the outside!

And yes, you can be smoking hot without combining cleavage and leg exposure. The last thing you want is for people to think you’re trying too hard, and there are ways to make other parts of your body sexy too. Trade in your shorts for cuffed jeans, which show off your ankles when you wear heels and a simple top.


Ruining Your Shoes

How many times have you come home from a night out and just thrown your shoes into the closet without a care in the world? Well, stop it! It’s one of the worst things you can do. Your shoes need breathing room so always line them up, and keep them out of direct sunlight if not stored in a box or bag to avoid discoloration and scuff-marks.

All too often heels are also damaged by grass stains and other black streaks from questionable sources after an outdoor function. Think ahead and get your hands on an amazing product called Starlettos – star shaped heel stoppers that will prevent you and your Manolos from sinking into the grass or falling into pavement cracks. Seriously, you’ll be raving about them once you get your heels into them.


Colour Blocking Gone Wrong

Being fashionable doesn’t mean cluttering yourself with everything you can find in your wardrobe, so mix colours and patterns with the right accessories. Avoid becoming a rainbow by avoiding too many colours (stick with three) and always choose one dominant colour which you can accentuate.

Too many accessories look tacky, so always go with the clichéd ‘less is best’ mantra. When you’re wearing patterns, simple accessories are the best option – the same goes for sequined, embroidered or embellished garments.

Everyone can put together an outfit, but what separates an outfit from The Outfit is the way you wear it, and style it. Sometimes mistakes will be made, but as long you’re true to yourself with fashion, you’ll avoid any and all disasters.



August 3, 2017


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