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How to Become an Influencer

Do you have a blog or Youtube channel but are struggling with growth? Same! How many times have you Googled “How to become an Influencer” and get the same type of advice? Well, I promise you, this article is different. I launched my blog in August and Youtube channel in October, and I-kind-of-sort-of-know what I am doing, even though it’s not exactly paying the bills yet, I know it will and feel I am the point where I need to dive deep, or exit the pool. So guess what!? I am diving in.

How I will help you

Starting this week, I took a planned step away from my day job, and decided to put in half of my work week to grow Luxe Odette. Shout-out to my bosses for giving me the flexibility to try this, I am so grateful! It’s kind of scary, but I know it’s the right thing for me. I have this feeling I can’t shake, this feeling that I need to help others. My message is to encourage others to practice self care and incorporate the Danish term hygge into their life to increase their happiness. Hygge is the feeling of warmth and wellbeing you get when you do something cozy like taking a nature walk, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, wearing wool socks, lighting candles, etc. Research studies have shown Denmark to be one of the happiest places to live, even though they have short summer and very long and dark winter (hmm, sounds a lot like Michigan, where I live).

There is not an exact translation of hygge into English, which I think is a huge problem I am going to solve.

Moving forward, every time I use the word Luxe, it is to mean something that gives you that feeling of wellbeing. It is what I have been attempting to do since I launched, I just learned more about myself and mission while on this journey. I still think fashion and beauty plays a role in self care, but you can leave the house looking amazing in the most perfect OOTD but still feel something is missing inside. And that is hygge, or now, luxe. It’s an internal happiness and it’s the simple pleasures in life that create these warm feelings.

How you can learn through me

I am inviting to be on this journey with me. I will post a video weekly on steps I have taken to grow Luxe Odette. I don’t have a timeline, I am not sure how I will succeed, but I will and I will tell you exactly what I am doing week by week and will show you how to become an Influencer.

January 1, 2018



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