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How to Figure Out What You Want


Remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait to grow up because you knew life would be great then, you would live life on your own terms, being a SuperHero, Supermodel, a Firefighter, or whatever other dream job you wanted? Not many people would say they are living their dream life or feel like they are fulfilling that childhood desire to live their best life (ok, maybe a Superhero is a little harder to achieve). But have no fear! You may have gotten lost along the way and found yourself in a job that pays the bills, but doesn’t spark your excitement, but you can still attain the life you always hoped to have.

Do you feel like you are working at a job that lacks purpose? Yet when asked, you don’t know exactly what would make you happy so you continue the cycle of staying comfortable but not satisfied? I can relate! I didn’t “consciously” know what I wanted to do with my life for a long time too. I say “consciously” because I really believe we all know, we just don’t always realize it.

Let me tell you how I got really clear about what I wanted out of life. It’s easier than you think, and probably right in front of your face. It only takes 7 days to figure it out!

Steps to figure out your calling

  • The first thing you should do is start a list of things you love, no matter how abstract (colors, flavors, activities, places, everything). My list is about 3 pages long. List everything, whatever comes to mind!
  • Get a stack of magazines catalogs and make a vision board. I like to cut out pictures and tack images to a cork board. You can also use poster board and glue, or even pin “pins” to a Pinterest board. Add whatever you are drawn to that speaks to you and don’t question it, just add it.
  • After that, begin journaling about what makes you feel happy and alive. Write down everything, no matter how trivial or random they may seem. Journaling is already an excellent way to unwind and incorporate some luxury into your life everyday, but in this case it’s also a great way to reveal your inner and unknown passions.

On the following six nights, just before bed, read over the list of things you love and add to it if you feel like it. Look at your vision board without judgement and notice themes and connections. Pick up your journal and without reading just start writing again, freeform, and see what transpires on the page.Β Start on a fresh page every evening, it’s fine if you repeat items. When you are done writing for the night reread everything you wrote the past few days. We’re always told to sleep on it before we make a big decision, so relax and let your ideas and inspirations flow through your resting mind.

After those 7 nights, the path you should be on is pretty clear. Look at your list, vision board, and read your journal and listen to what it is telling you. The things we love are not random, they are clues to the journey our true self wants us to be on (If you know the source of this quote, please comment below!) You may be surprised by how unsurprised you are by the results. The hardest part is finding that purpose, but once you do, it’s easy. Go out there and make your dream a reality and don’t stop until it is.

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September 5, 2017


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