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Hygge Gifts

Have you been hearing about the Danish and how seriously they take coziness and self-care? So seriously they gave it a name, Hygge (pronounced HOO-Gah). I can’t think of a better time to elevate your loved one’s nest whether it is a room or a whole place with  hygge gifts.

The Dane’s are known for their love of nature and being outside, which requires proper clothing for the elements. Having a comfortable place to retreat to afterward with a mug of something warm to drink sure makes it more enjoyable. I have compiled a few ideas that I think would level up just about anyone’s hygge cool quotient.

Flannel Shirt

A cotton flannel shirt only gets softer with wash and wear. A flannel can be worn around town or just inside and if paired with boots, jeans, and a vest, you’ll be Pinterest ready too.

Wool Socks

But not just any wool socks! Get a pair of merino wool ones from Smartwool or Darn Tough. They are soft and non-itchy. Wool is also thermoregulating so your feet will stay warm if it’s cold, or cool if it’s hot. They can also hold up to 10% moisture without getting your skin damp if wet. I don’t think I have socks made of any other fiber because I am such a fan.


Invest in a thermos for coffee, tea, food, or beer. They are great old school devices that allow you keep hot food hot for picnics or other outings. My kids often took hot soup to school on bitter cold days.


Pottery Mugs

I have a weakness for handmade pottery mugs. I love how they feel in my hands and think the natural color palettes go with most decor.


Blankets or Throws

This is probably the most hygge gift. Snuggling on the couch under a blanket is a pleasure I think most of us can relate to! Bonus points if you have a sheepskin for added warmth.



Having lit candles when it’s dark always makes the space so much cozier. I prefer natural smelling candles like pine or herbal fragrances but any will do!


Rich Hand Cream

There is nothing like having a rich emollient hand cream to apply when winter arrives. I constantly struggle to stay hydrated, so along with water, a natural hand lotion helps!

Please watch the companion video for a better look at my comfy suggestions!


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December 7, 2017
January 1, 2018


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