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Lake Michigan Life

Luxe Odette view of Lake Michiga

Wow, that was just what I needed. A few days of camping on the shores of Lake Michigan was all it took to hit the reset button and slow things down a bit. I love being outside, but cooking and sleeping in the great outdoors is such a simple luxury I really enjoy. Also, if you promise to keep a secret, I found one of the most magical place to pitch a tent in Michigan!

I should preface it by saying if you really want a backwoods-country type of trip where you don’t see another soul, this isn’t the place. Also should clarify, if you want to bring your RV and watch TV at night.. also not the place. But, if you want to have a little piece of the earth surrounded by trees with a flushing toilet pretty close, a view of sunset over Lake Michigan and your own private beach-front access a few yards away, then this is for you!

I bought a shirt made by Exofficio that was treated with a Bugs Away formula to repel mosquitos. I never had one before and I can’t believe how well it worked.

I have been taking my kids on camping trips for almost 10 years. We have been to a lot of parks in Michigan, they love unplugging and retreating to nature just as much as I do. I also love spending time on a Great Lake. Lake Michigan is probably my favorite, it is so majestic with its white sand and deep blue water. So when I saw an article in MLive back in February announcing new lake front campsites set to open in Wilderness State Park, I booked a campsite on the spot! To watch the sunset over the water from our tents? This is something we never had the luxury of seeing!


The site was a rustic walk-in site, but really there wasn’t even a walk. My truck was parked really close which I didn’t mind because we brought a ton of stuff to stay comfy. I brought my Goal Zero solar charger to keep my phone minimally charged and I have to say I honestly only spent about 15 minutes checking IG and my own teenaged kids were disgusted because they didn’t use theirs at all.

Days were filled with eating, hiking, swimming, laying out, and even a day to explore town. The campground was right near the Mackinac Bridge so we chose to go to the Upper Peninsula (UP) so they could experience their first Pastie, which is a specialty of Β  the UP. It is traditionally a meat filled pastry but they make vegetarian ones too.

One aspect of camping that makes it more enjoyable to me is having the right gear. I have been collecting gear for years so feel pretty happy with my set up. I personally opt for smaller tents and bring a canopy tent to put over the picnic table and camp kitchen in case of rain. My favorite tent is made by The North Face and it’s called the Minibus because it kind of looks like a VW Bus, but they don’t make it anymore. The second tent we took that is new this year was called the Domey Dome TentΒ . The kids used it and loved it.

Where are your favorite places to retreat to? What is some of your favorite gear? Tweet me, I’d love to know! @krysiahepatica

Lake Michigan Sunset


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July 23, 2017


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