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Mid-Week Makeup Application with Marcus Monson from Chanel


Did you know Chanel cosmetics are botanically based? Well I didn’t. When I was 19 I was low-key obsessed with Coco Chanel (ok fine, I still am) and I read a bunch of biographies written on her life and business. I remember reading somewhere that Chanel No.5 was the first synthetic perfume on the market, back when only single flower oils were used for fragrance. But honestly, I never really tried any Chanel cosmetics until now.

A beauty advisor from a department store I frequently purchase products from called me a couple of weeks ago to let me know Marcus Monson was making an appearance and asked if I was interested in having a complimentary appointment for a make-up application. I said sure! I have been feeling like I have been in a make-up rut. I consider myself slightly obsessed with skin care but a novice with make-up, so I booked an appointment.

My time began with Amy who primed my face and told me about some of the products she was using. The cleanser, Lait Confort, was like nothing I have used, after you wipe it away, it leaves your face feeling emollient, not stripped like so many cleansers. She also used the Blue Serum, Le Lift eye creme and told me the Le Lift facial creme is formulated for day and night so you only need to use one. She then applied a powder foundation and filled in my eyebrows.

After this I met Marcus and he was right away very sweet and charming. He asked me what my goals were for booking the appointment and what Chanel products I have used. I then told a celebrity make-up artist I was a total “skin care junkie” but a casual make-up wearer, and have never used Chanel except for the fragrances. He immediately said without missing a beat, “Well, you can’t be a skin care junkie if you have never tried Chanel!” I laughed immediately, he completely called me out, but it was well-deserved. In PR we call this knowing your audience. When I am around friends and coworkers I may be more obsessed than them, but this is a man who has over 2 million Youtube views, so “junkie” is a bit of stretch.

He then proceeded to freshen up my face but still make me look like myself. He used soft browns on my eyes and a nude lip. We talked the whole time and it was so relaxing to just give back to myself, mid-way through the work week. It felt so luxurious to just be pampered and laugh.

Afterward he was gracious enough to pose for a picture with Amy and me. He even made sure the photo was flattering and low-key asked if I knew my angles, which I am sure was a hint because I then realized my bad side was prominent and switched my position, lol.

I now have a some new pretty things to help me feel pretty.


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October 2, 2017
October 8, 2017


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