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This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my work.

My last post encouraged you to clean out your closet to make space for the fabulous new items you are going to add to your Personal Style Wardrobe Capsule, and I promised to share where to take your unwanted items!

I feel very fortunate to have such an abundance of what I need. I don’t take anything for granted. I also crave simplicity and organization so purge my things regularly, but am vigilant in finding a new home for them. For me it’s two-fold, my desire to not to needlessly add to landfills and because of my “attitude of gratitude” I feel guilty about throwing things away that can be useful and bring joy to someone else.

In effort to make your transition of clearing out the old, I have compiled a list of places to sell or donate your gently used items you are ready to move on from.


The RealReal
The RealReal is one of my favorite sites to buy and sell authentic designer pieces. Their experts scrutinize every item they consign so you can be sure it’s the real thing. Many consignment websites forbid fakes, but don’t always enforce the policy, The RealReal does. This is where I found the beautiful vintage Gucci belt I’m wearing in the picture.

I have had great luck buying and selling on Poshmark, although if you need fast cash, you may be slightly disappointed, sometimes the buying cycle is a bit long, other times it’s the same day, like in the case when I wanted to sell  my Bean Boots. I got my asking price the day I listed.  My favorite thing about Poshmark is they email you a prepaid label once you sell an item and all you have to do is package it up, tape on the label, and drop off at the US Post office. It’s so easy.

I actually have some new cute Fall Fashions in my closet right now from my own “closet cleanout”you might want to see.  If you are new to Posh, use my code KRYSIAH for $5 off your first purchase!

Another great resource is selling on Amazon. One Christmas I was feeling especially strapped for cash so I listed a bunch of books on Amazon and made a quick $200 in time for the holidays and continued to generate a passive supplemental income for the next few months. If you list a more popular book you are often given the choice to receive an Amazon gift card immediately instead of waiting for a buyer to pay cash for your item.


I live in Ann Arbor and my favorite resale shop to donate is the PTO Thrift Shop because the proceeds go to the public schools. If I have random housewares or appliances I no longer need I take them to the Reuse Center. I am sure your community has similar shops, if not try these national resale shops:

The Salvation Army
St Vincent DePaul
Purple Heart

I hope this list helps you find a new home for all your orphaned items and maybe even a new little something for yourself!


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