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Sabotaging my Ketogenic Diet

I have been on a Ketogenic diet for 9 days. And I have been doing it all wrong. I did it for health reasons, not necessarily weight loss reasons, although that is a huge benefit and I wouldn’t be mad if I lost weight. I kind of did it on a whim, which is why I have made mistakes.

I came across an article about how a Keto diet helps with improved energy and brain function, and was all in! So I skimmed a few articles about what to eat and what to avoid and just went with it. from the onset I was feeling Amazing. I had so much energy, I was sleeping better than I had in months,  I’m not hungry or craving sugar, and I no longer got bloated on a daily basis.  Plus, I was trapping all my co-workers and oversharing my positive experiences, it was awesome.

But then I realized in my haste to improve my health and not really research what I was doing, I wasn’t exactly eating the right stuff. A Keto Diet in a nutshell is eating:

A Lot of healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, grassfeed butter, and avocados
Moderate amounts of proteins
Little to no carbohydrates (Less than 20 grams aiming for 10 grams) including most fruits

The reason is when your body doesn’t have carbs to use as fuel, it will burn others sources, like your stored fat. When this happens, your liver produces a hormone called Ketone which is beneficial to your brain and give you a constant stream of energy instead of the short lived energy you get from carbs that also leads to a “sugar” crash afterward.

I kind of understood the “fats” but in my excitement thought it could include unlimited almonds and cashews. Yes! Finally a reason to snack on nuts all day, because it’s a healthy fat, right? Well yes, it’s a good source of fat but also has a higher carb count.

I also thought this diet gave me a license to eat all the protein I wanted. Not so! If you exceed the right amount of protein you sabotage your results because the excess becomes fuel for your body to use instead of accessing your stored fat.

Now that I am accurately adhering to the diet, I’m finding it a bit more challenging than before, but not impossible! I still want to reach Ketosis (the state where you really start experiencing the benefits) so I am sticking with it. Once I am in the Keto Zone for a couple weeks, I will gradually add in nuts and not worry so much about overeating protein because I did feel great eating this way. But I am curious about what will happen in Ketosis, so check back and see!

sabotaging my keto diet

I have compiled a list of resources so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Of course, before starting any new diet or eating plan, please check with your doctor.

Reading List

I found this Beginner’s Guide to be really helpful to me.

Sometimes Reddit can be a bit aggressive, but there is great info on the Keto page



Helpful Links

Check out my Keto Pinterest Board for some recipe ideas. I highly suggest the Bulletproof coffee. I will keep adding to the board as I go through this journey.

Keto Calculator to determine how much protein you need each day.

Keto Test Strips
How do you know if you are Ketosis? I bought these inexpensive strips with free shipping through Amazon Prime. You simply test you urine and the strips instantly let you know where you fall in the spectrum. You can get Amazon Prime at 50% off by clicking on the ad below.

Water Bottle
You will need to stay extremely hydrated. I recommend a Swell bottle because they are insulted and pretty. Besides water, the only suggested beverages are coffee or tea. You should definitely try making Bulletproof coffee.

Dry Mouth Spray
Even though I think I am doing a pretty bang-up job drinking water, I still notice my mouth gets dry so I have been using Biotene Dry Mouth Spray.

You can also check out the Youtube video I made documenting my journey.




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