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Target Hostess Gifts for $10

It’s that time of year! Parties, parties, and more parties! According to Emily Post, or maybe Martha Stewart, one of the authorities on how to be as perfect as you can be, said hostess gifts are a social grace that is regional and not an absolute rule. Well, here in Michigan, the heart of the Midwest, I would say they are customary, but not for every occasion. However, Holiday Parties seem to be a reason to bring a gift to your Holiday Party Host or Hostess.

Ohmygosh you never knew? No worries! I found the greatest gifts from target that are cool yet, generic enough to please almost anyone.

Start with food. Almost everyone loves chocolate




Chocolate Champagne Trufflesย 





Milk Chocolate Butter Toffee Macadamia Nuts




Lindt Gourmet Truffles


Ok, it’s slightly more than ten dollars, but why not get them some coffee beans? Pike’s Place is a medium blend which tends to be crowd pleaser.


Starbuck’s Pike Placeย 



Not coffee drinkers? How about tea?



Harney and Sons Fine Teas



If all else fails, bring a bottle of wine or champagne.

Happy Holidays!



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November 24, 2017
December 19, 2017


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