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The Luxury of Being Organized

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This past Christmas my daughter gave me an old school planner. It was a softbound 7×5 book with a cute bike motif on the cover. It had the months at a glance and also each day with about 7 blank lines you can fill-in with information. It was absolutely charming – and something I hadn’t used in years thanks to Google.

I am sure many of you can relate. Lots of us have migrated to a digital calendar and have abandoned our Filofaxes and other paper planners.

Yet it was such a sweet gesture, by February I sat down and actually filled it all it. I was traveling to Miami mid-month so I hand wrote in the section with the lines on the day I was arriving the confirmation number and phone number to the Airbnb I booked. I wrote the location and time of a Posh Event I was attending, and the the time I was flying out. In the past I would have put these emails in a “Miami”folder and have to sift through it on my phone, but dang, it was all right at my finger tips and I could actually speak to the Airbnb person on the phone and read him my confirmation number without telling him to hold on while I look at my phone for a minute. I Was So Organized!

Needless to say, I was hooked and have found my planner valuable for many other things. The parent volunteer meeting at my son’s school when I wanted to take notes? Boom. I had a planner to write in. Wacky Wednesday half-off dress day at the dry cleaner? Which Wednesday is it again? It’s the second Wednesday of the month. Yes, both these things could be documented on my phone with a digital calendar and iphone Notes, but that would take away from my two favorite benefits of an actual planner. And that is the feeling of accomplishment and seeing the whole month at a glance. I feel accomplished when I see all that I have done in one little month and when I need to book appointment or “me” time, I can tell what the best time might be judging by how many squares are already filled with words and times.
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I have to say it is a simple way to really give yourself the luxury of stayiold school plannerng organized and the luxury of time management! My little bike bike planner was so used, especially once I launched my blog, that I just bought a new one that begins in August 2017 and lasts until December 2018. I now consider it one of my must have blogging tools along with my camera, laptop, iphone (not shown, but taking photo) and coffee!


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