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when is savasana?

when is savasana

I am so happy to announce a new item for sale! I have had such great feedback on my “I’m Not For Everyone” graphic tank top, I have added a new one to my collection.

It is printed on the same yummy blend of rayon and poly fabric so it is wicking and fashion-forward, but the message is when is savasana? Savasana is the Sanskrit word for the corpse pose in yoga which is usually done at the end of every class. It is the time to rest and to enter into meditation. After a great session of yoga, I love taking rest and some days when things seem to be going wrong, all I want to do is drop everything and lie down for savasana!

I launched them at the Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair and they received a ton of attention! Either people who practiced came up and commented on them and bought one, or people who don’t practice were curious and asked about them. It was so much fun!

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2017

If you can relate and need one too, they are for sale in my Etsy Shop for $35.


August 3, 2017


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