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Why I’m Curating a Capsule Wardrobe

Leather jacket

Enough. I am tired of getting ready for work in the morning and feeling like I have nothing to wear. I work as a Clothing Buyer. I get a ton of free clothing and I am able to buy most things I want at a deep discount, so my closet is not empty…it’s just wrong. It’s not as easy as I would like to pull together a look in wee hours of the morning because there isn’t a whole lot of flow between pieces.

A capsule wardrobe is carefully curated collection of pieces that all go together so you can interchange tops and bottoms seamlessly. The idea is to stick to one main color, either black, brown, navy, or grey and then chose a pop color or two that compliments your main color. It is also suggested you opt for classic styles and only occasionally add a trendy piece because trends come and go but style is everlasting.

I started my quest a few months ago and made a list of must haves and have been chipping away at it. Things do feel a bit easier, and I walk out of the door feeling pulled together and don’t regret my outfit halfway through the day.

I do deviate from one common rule about a capsule wardrobe, and that is it has to be a finite number of pieces. Disagree!! I understand the philosophy of wanting to be practical and simple, but honestly there are so many other things in my life to be worried about, if I end up with a few more or less items of clothing I am in love with, and feel great in, I’m ok with that. So moving forward, I will now refer to this project as curating a personal style collection. t’s sounds more fun, doesn’t it? Leather jacket

So here is the deal, if you are wiling to take this journey with me. I will curate a “wish list” of basics and we will both agree to never settle for anything that doesn’t:

Make us look amazing
Make us feel amazing
Adds value to our existing wardrobe

Keep in mind, you never know when you will find the perfect item you have been hunting for! Case in point, for a few months I have wanted a leather jacket. But it had to be the perfect leather jacket. It had to be a black motorcycle jacket that wasn’t too trendy so I could wear it for years. It had to be authentic leather and it had to fit like a glove. One of my BFFs was in town back in August so we decided to take a little shopping to Nordstrom Rack because her new house isn’t near one (I know, poor thing!). I was casually looking through the leather jacket rack and I spotted something that looked like it could work. It was a leather moto without too many zippers and embellishments and in my size so I tried it on. It fit perfectly. I immediately found my friend and said, “You need to talk me out of buying this.” She looked at it critically, had me turn around, and said,”

“I can’t, it looks amazing. How much is it.”

It was only $200. Neither of us could believe what a deal it was! So I went home with a leather jacket in the middle of summer. The point of the story is, you never know when you might find the perfect addition to your closet, but like with relationships, don’t settle for just ok, wait for just right!

Without further adieu, let’s begin! I will start compiling posts on the categories and items I feel are must-haves. I will list all the articles below for quick reference, and also tag the post pictures on Instagram with #curatingpersonalstyle


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September 13, 2017


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