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Yay, I’m Blogging Again

Welcome to my blog! I am so pleased to be blogging again. This idea has been an intention of mine for several years, but intention without action is only that, an intention.

Some of you may remember when I used to blog about my rock climbing adventures – what an amazing time that was for me! But alas, I went back to school to earn my M.A. in public relations and being a full-time grad student and a single parent took precedence over my free time to climb and take climbing trips.

Once I graduated and entered the “professional” work force I dabbled with a fashion Tumblr but it wasn’t fueled with any consistency and I ended up deleting it.

Relic from my first fashion blogging attempt

Next I tried starting a PR blog but that didn’t sing to me as much as I hoped. I love PR but writing about it felt boring.

Finally, one of the best things I did was to sign up for a weekend retreat on Mindfulness Meditation through MBA (Mindfulness Based Achievement). I have never experienced such a powerful event. There were about 20 women from all professions who like me, were there to try to figure out their path and if they were living their authentic life. It was during this weekend the idea for this blog was born. Sort of.

I left knowing I wanted to have a lifestyle blog but I didn’t have my voice yet. Even back when I was blogging about the outdoors, I would be tempted to talk about skin care, but thought, that is not what my audience wants to see from me! I would occasionally write product reviews about my favorite climbing clothing, I loved writing these, but felt they were on-point enough for my readers but also not really the content my readers wanted.

There was another problem too. I feel like most of my adult life I have been trying to act like I really don’t care that much about clothes and style and skin care…because I am a educated woman who likes to get dirty playing outside so those kinds of things aren’t important to a woman like me…right?

Or at least this is the message I seem to have been receiving since I graduated high school. I remember taking a women’s studies course in college in the 90s and being low-key shamed for caring about my appearance. It was like, if you had a brain, you should be above caring about beauty and fashion. So this began my decades’ long struggle of outwardly embracing only aspects of me. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Which means this blog may be a little all over the place, because I am trying to merge all my interests and hopefully it will attract others who are like me too, not easily defined as a certain type and ready to challenge biased views.


July 23, 2017


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